Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Duct Tape Art: Getting Ready

Duct Tape Art Tutorial!!!

In this new tutorial [My first!!! YAY!]I will explain step by step instructions on how I achieve my duct tape art awesomeness.

Duct tape is the most awesome invention known to mankind. I mean there's a ton of reasons why duct tape is so awesome. I mean, there's endless amounts of fixer-uppers, D.I.Y. projects, art, and even fashion styles that can be accomplished with duct tape power.

Although there are tons and tons of creative things to use it with, I haven't seen it used as an art medium as much as I'd like. So, I took it upon myself to try it out. I LOVE IT!

Here are the steps I take to make duct tape art.

First Step: A Creative Idea

You don't want to start any art project without an idea of what you want to create. Get a gist of what you want to accomplish; a pony galloping on a rainbow, a faerie hovering over talking mushrooms, maybe something more gruesome with a guy ripping his chest open an exposing all his guts, zombies eating brains, or {in my case} nude art :D.

Once you are able to imagine what you want, it's probably best that you sketch it out. I'm the world's worst at sketching before starting a project, but it's worked for me. I'm the type to just start and go with it, but I'm also the type to go with the flow of my art and let it become what it's meant to become.... Sound flaky? Well, I am.

Second Step: Materials

  • Selecting the Duct Tape
Ah! The beauty of arts and crafts. You must pay money before you can express yourself. It's okay though, that's how the world thrives, right?

Ok, now that you got an idea of what you want, now you must think of all the colors you want in your art. Now, you need to really think about this. Think about shading, light effects, different tones of certain colors. It may take a couple of trips to Wal-Mart before you get your art done.

The picture above is my small collection of duct tape i have left. Yes, that's a small collection. The brand Duck Tape is what you'll find at Wal-Mart close to the home decor/paint area. You can also find it at Micheal's and Hobby Lobby, and probably any other craft store. Duck Tape is typically $3.50 per 15yrd rolls.It's pretty expensive for a starving artist. Recently I ran across a website called TapeBrothers.com and they sell duct tape for a reasonably low price. I have not, I repeat, I HAVE NOT bought from them as of yet, but I do plan to. So, buy with caution because I'm not sure of the quality. BUT!, they have a bigger variety of colors, even an area just for art projects, and it's only $1.88 per 10yrd roll. I think the minimum you can buy is 4 rolls at a time... I can't remember, but check it out.
  • Buying the Tools
Okay, now you got your tape all ready. Your awesome sketch and all those awesome colors shining back at you and you're eager to get started. But, you got a problem. Duct tape is StIcKy!!! You can't just slap it on any surface and use your handy dandy scissors. You have to buy the right cutting tools and cutting board to accomplish anything.

Don't worry. There's nothing to fear. XACTO is here!!!!

[XACTO. Oh, XACTO... Where would I be without you?]
  • A tad warning. This tool is sharp! If you're a minor please have adult supervision, as this blade is very capable of causing major injury.
There is tons and tons and tons of differnt XACTO knives for different types of cutting projects. What you see above is my frugal-ness. I bought the cheapest one they had, about $3.00, and an extra 5 replacement blades, about $2.50. Trust me, you'll need the replacements. Hobby Lobby also has this type of style "blade holder" that comes with 5 different types of razors that make different cuts for different textures. It was on sale the last time I went, so I'm not sure of the price now.

Also, keep some rubbing alcohol and cotton balls handy. The glue from the duct tape tends to stick to the blade and dull the cutting effects. CAREFULLY clean the blade. You don't want your blood all over your art, there's red duct tape for that. :D Click HERE to read a very short description of X-Acto knife safety, especially if you're not familiar with using craft razors. THANKS!!!

Self-healing Cutting Mat

The best thing EVER!!

The POWER is in the name, SELF-HEALING! NO matter how much you cut on this mat, it'll "heal" the cut and make it practically new again. Honestly, you can tell a used mat over a new one. As you can see the pic above has residue on it, [hehehe], but it's the best thing ever still. :D

Ok, the mat is the most expensive, BUT with Hobby Lobby's handy dandy online coupon for 40% off anything in the store makes it so affordable. THANK YOU HOBBY LOBBY. I...no...WE ALL LOVE YOU!!!. Retrieve the coupon HERE

(Also, use the coupon when you need more duct tape, blades, etc. I think you can only use one a day.)

Ok, now that you got your:

  • creative brain goo splattered on some paper,
  • your carefully selected colored duct tape,
  • your Super X-Acto knife and its two sidekicks (cotton ball and alcohol),
  • and your craft mat with mutant self-healing powers,
...then you're totally ready to begin Duct Tape art

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